ZTE modular Eco-Mobius smartphone – bit(s) gorgeous

zte modular phoneModular phone concepts aren’t new, but this one being shown off by ZTE at CES 2014 is possibly the best looking.

With the likes of Phonebloks and Motorola’s Project Ara coming through as ways of keeping up with the different needs of users and constant advances in the world of smartphones combined with most networks tieing their customers in to 18 and 24 month contracts it stands to reason that modular could be the solution.

ZTE is now showing just how good a modular phone can look with their design drawing crowds at CES right now.

The ZTE Eco-Mobius modular smartphone concept shows off a rather attractive design in which removable processor, RAM, camera and storage modules are slotted together inside a smartphone.

zte modular phone componentsIt remains nothing more than a design concept for the time being, but it’s a tantalising glimpse at an upgradable future where tailored smartphones can be customised like PCs, and we can’t wait for engineers and designers to work their magic.

Just think – you could swap lenses for different shooting environments, upgrade the processor if you decide to do more gaming and then swap it back to something more energy efficient when you go to a weekend festival.

It certainly gets my vote!

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