Zoybar – Modular Guitar Kit – Build Your Axe

I play in a variety of bands and projects with an equally ecclectic range of styles.  I could be playing out-and-out pop one day and then a few days later playing Drum and Bass and then covering an Iron Maiden set.

It would be great to have the choice of set-ups, necks and pickups for each gig.

That range of choice has come to fruition; not only for 6-stringers but there’s even a bass option.

Ziv has created a hardware platform called Zoybar for making your own stringed instruments.

Using a few easily-interchangeable parts, you can make anything from a long-necked six-string with custom double pickups to a bass with integrated Kaospad! YAY!

It’s essentially what others might do with pieces of random instruments, but the attachment method for the bits in a Zoybar setup is standard so that they’re swappable, individually upgradeable and so on, without any soldering or drilling to be done.  This is great news for me as my Yamaha RBX (now named the cricket bat) was put through lots of agony with different pick-ups and eventually got de-fretted…it worked but wasn’t pretty.  Don’t think the Ford Escort Yellow helped either.

The set looks damned sweet and will get people that are afraid to ruin customise their instruments via parts-bins a chance to tweak.

For one thing, it can help you with this Zoybar contest, in which you submit a video of your own unique instrument.

Zoybar will be selling kits starting in January.

I’d like to present this article as a HUGE hint at what I want for Christmas 😉

Via CrunchGear