ZOWIE ZONE customisable e-sports battle station

ZOWIE ZONE with kitAre you held back from your gaming potential due to distractions? If you want to game like a pro you might want to invest in the ZOWIE ZONE.

This is not something from the archive of Bowie’s son, this just happens to be the latest in e-sports kit.

ZOWIE’s goal is to enable players to find their most comfortable gaming settings effortlessly. This helps them focus on their own performance instead of the hassle of getting set up.

After providing players with different gaming gear options, ZOWIE ZONE is the next step in the path to deliver the complete package for competitive gamers.


The hardware and software that power ZONE are optimised to offer reliable and consistent in-game performance in competitive gaming titles.

This should all ensure the best conditions for serious gamers.

ZOWIE ZONE sideAs the serious gamers out there will agree, you have to put plenty of hours in to rank highly. You also need to use every advantage you can.

ZOWIE ZONEThis goes beyond your in-game options and hardware settings. Take some time to consider how you sit in front of the computer.

[youtube id=”YeTxasjrGj8″]

The ZONE table not only provides height adjustment but a highly adjustable arm for the monitor to attach to.


ZONE maintains the core principle of plug and play from ZOWIE’s previous products.

ZOWIE ZONE panel rightOne click turns the whole system on and ready to use.


ZOWIE ZONE has easily accessible ports for all your gaming gear.

This will make plugging and unplugging your tech easy and seamless.

ZOWIE ZONE panel leftFurthermore, ZOWIE is currently working on an intuitive UI that enables players to fine tune the audio and monitor settings without pushing monitor buttons. The plan is to have it all controlled by your keyboard and mouse. This feature will be available to the market at a later stage.


ZOWIE ZONE will only be available for gaming centers.

You will be able to get the first-hand experience with it at events such as DreamHack in Leipzig.