Zip(po) Drive

I’ve been searching around the interweb for novelty USB memory sticks and hubs.  I’ve seen hamsters in wheels, humping dogs and others that I dare not even mention.  So far, the most useful I’ve come across was the 32gig stick that I’ve already posted.

But, now here’s a great design.  If you’re a smoker, a dying breed (pardon the pun) now that in England and more other places it’s banned by law in public places, but none-the-less pocket space is at a premium, and anything that can be 2 or more things at the same time is great.  I am ignoring the USB mouse/label printer still!!

What you see is a USB memory stick and cigarette lighter all in a ‘Zippo’ style case.

In lieu of lighter fluid and a flint, this lighter uses resistance coils to create heat. It’s the same technology found in car lighters. The small rechargeable battery cell powering the coil can be recharged via USB. On top of that, there’s some flash memory in there to store files. Damn, might as well give it a couple swiss blades and a nose hair trimmer to complete the package. And Kool? Does anyone still smoke that?

As for price and storage size; this is still a dream for the designer, Nathan Gabriele. I’d probably buy one, but then given my history of leaving Zippos in bars and clubs………………………

leave comments at the link below and lets get this into production!

Yanko Design