Zing from MvBii is a convertible wearable

zing wearableWearables continue to be the new hot gadgety gift and, with Christmas fast approaching, a new gadget being launched by Cambridge firm MvBii could be right up your street.

The Zing is a smartwatch but manages to break the mold as it can also be worn as a pendant, or kept snuggly in your pocket. It monitors your mood using a range of built-in sensors to offer you an insight into your daily life.

It is packaged with an accompanying app and website which means you can link your Zing with friends and send each other video messages, music and more.

The Zing acts as a remote for your smartphone, making it possible to take group selfies and change the music track you are listening to with a simple flick of the wrist.

mvbii zingJustin Pisani, who founded the company, said that Zing is meant to allow people to connect with a small group of close friends, rather than the long list of relatives and acquaintances you tend to accumulate on Facebook. So it’s a perfect alternative to your Whatsapp group, and there should be no danger of accidentally blowing a kiss to your granny.

Pisani says:

Our company has all the right attributes to be a modern, hi-tech design and manufacturing business – speed, strong product design skill, a good network of global suppliers and lots of ideas. With wellbeing, we are particularly interested in helping communities, both young and old, to deal with the challenges of living with health or lifestyle issues.”

The Zing is available on Amazon in black and pink, with a recommended retail price of £64.99. For further product information and details on where to buy, please visit www.mvbii.com