Zii System is Media System Chip – Official!


We get to know what all this Stem Cell Computing stuff is about.

Creative’s rumored offshoot, ZiiLabs was revealed at CES to be a media-application processor developer with a very slick system-on-a-chip.

This one for developers and manufacturers to get excited about and us consumers to wait and see what becomes of it.

I’m slightly disappointed as the “StemCell Computing” hook got me thinking more about organic computing or at least a bit of kit that could also cure diseases and perhaps aid home cloning.

Creative do seem quite smug with thier new chip, the ZiiLABS ZMS-05 SoC, which comes out of the acquisition of the company formerly known as 3DLabs.

We should see Zii-powered electronics pretty sharpish as the Zii press release promises a “complete, powerful and energy efficient platform with a very rapid time-to-market.”

Other big claims are that the technology allows “virtually unlimited chaining” to form “a state-of-the- art ‘hypercomputer’ with many petaflops of processing power…100 times smaller, 100 times greener and 100 times lower cost than conventional super computers.”

All that’s left is to await some Zii-gadgets and get them tested.

So, remember to send the Zii-stuff to me please 😉