Zii Stemcell Computing Processor Chip

stemcell-computingI’ve managed to avoid guessing what all this was about as there has been a multitude of suggestions varying from the possible to the outrageous.

But now there seems to be a more solid announcement.

The odd Zii website that went up a few days ago stating ‘Stemcell Computing’ is reportedly referring to an all new processing chip.

It seems that eipZENter is still being tight-lipped regarding the details but those know-it-alls over at Engadget state that they have been told that it will likely be:

“one of the biggest projects Creative has invested in.”

as well as being told that:

“[Zii] is completely different from the X-Fi audio chip and it will be used in a variety of upcoming products.”

Ok……………..I’m guessing all shall be revealed at CES 2009 then.