Zhiyun SMOOTH-Q2 Phone Gimbal Available

The SMOOTH-Q2 Ultra-Portable Phone Gimbal Now Available in the UK

Zhiyun, the maker of some rather natty gimbals, has just announced the launch of the ultra-lightweight, pocket-sized SMOOTH-Q2 mobile gimbal. 

SMOOTH-Q2 Gimbal

It appears that the Kickstarter campaign exceeded the company’s expectations, and so welcome the SMOOTH-Q2.

The new gimbal is small yet robust and boasts a 17-hour battery life and a micro USB port that acts as a power bank for your phone. 

The SMOOTH-Q2 works by accessing the native camera apps on iOS and Android phones. Furthermore, the SMOOTH-Q2 enables you to perform timelapse, Vertigo shots, object tracking and panoramas. Also, the full-range POV mode and Vortex mode features allow you to express your personal movie style.


The five-way quick mode switching joystick and photo/video record buttons keep everything simple. Additionally, the ¼ inch screw hole allows you to add accessories. 

Measuring only 204mm long the gimbal is extremely portable – practically pocketable. The aluminium-built body is crafted for maximum solidity. Coated with soft silicone, the handle is comfortable in your hand.


Pricing and availability

The SMOOTH-Q2 is available now for an MSRP of £139.