Zero S Street Legal Electric Supermoto – 60 Miles, 60 mph

zero s electric bikeThe Zero S is the latest and first street legal electric bike from Zero Motorcycles.

The Zero S has 31 horsepower and 62.5lb ft of torque, reaching top speeds of 60mph.

Previously Zero released the Zero X; a dirt bike with a smaller, 20 horsepower engine, which wasn’t allowed on the road.

The Zero S is a clutchless, one-speed bike with a battery that will let you ride for 60 miles before having to charge it.

A full recharge only takes 4 hours before you’re ready to ride again!

The body is made from aircraft-grade alluminium and the bike is fitted with a custom “Z-Force” power pack for enhanced accleration.

You get a digital speedometer as well as a special “projector beam” headlight, which apparently emits a more “focused” light.

The Zero S will cost $10,000 in the states where you have to leave a $1,000 down payment to get on the list for shipping in May

The Zero site promises demos to soon be available in London, Loughborough, Edinburgh and Dublin.

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