Zero electric motorcyles: power and range increased

zero-srWe covered the Zero S back in 2009 and now Zero Motorcycles is ready to unleash a new fleet of electric bikes next year.

The new range of bikes boast an increased distance between charges – over 200 miles!

Zero has spent around a decade in order to refine its gas-free lineup. During that time, the bikes have had more power and (more importantly) increased range.

The 2017 line-up features updated S, SR, DS, DSR, FX and Zero FXS models – some now with the ability to go 200 miles on a single charge.

Zero boasts that the Zero S and Zero SR models are the world’s first production electric motorcycles to exceed the 200 mile… errr… milestone.

[youtube id=”Mruow3UafNY”]

There is a caveat (ain’t there always?) though. Owners will only get that kind of performance when riding in the city.

The company’s option Power Tank accessory, which does the heavy lifting, also provides enough juice for over 100 miles on the highway.

The Z-Force powertrain and included interior permanent magnet (IPM) motors have been improved. This results in greater acceleration and 116-ft-lb of torque.

zero-sNaturally there’s an app too. This allows you to adjust settings for maximum torque, top speed and regenerative braking. It also updates the motorcycle’s firmware, saving a trip to the dealer.

In to the deal, each lithium-ion battery is backed by a five-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

Price and availability

The 2017 models are already making their way to dealers and will retail for between $8,495 and $15,995.

US buyers will also receive a 10 percent federal tax credit on top of any state incentives. That extra range will cost, though, with the Power Tank setting customers back an extra $2,695.

Check out their website for more details.