ZephVR adds real wind to virtual reality

VephVR OculusVirtual reality (VR) is all about total immersion. The thing is, this is usually limited to sound and vision. However, ZephVR adds another physical dimension.

This new accessory adds dynamic wind to VR. Imagine that when you fly, fall, accelerate — or whenever there’s wind in a game — you’ll actually feel it.


VR gamers will soon feel like they’re actually in their virtual worlds. The ZephVR creates wind synchronised with events in virtual reality.

The ZephVR is a first-of-its-kind accessory that attaches to popular headsets like the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR, and automatically adds wind to any game.

Using machine learning, it recognises events in games’ audio tracks and activates the fans at the right moment.

Action PSVRSo, when you’re climbing a mountain, or fleeing ghosts. The ZephVR is great for action, racing, and horror games, and almost everything else.

ZephVRFurthermore, this will open up physical effects beyond wind. This technology will enable all sorts of peripherals and physical effects: temperature, vibration, rain, or anything else people can think up. Naturally, this will work with all VR content, automatically.


ZepVR Vive SquareSean Spielberg, the company’s cofounder and CEO says

The ZephVR transforms any VR experience into a multi-sensory, physically immersive adventure. Wind is one of the most critical elements in turning a game into a reality. Until now, experiences that incorporate wind have only been available at theme parks and exhibitions.”

Paige Pruitt, cofounder and CTO, thought of the idea while playing a car game on her PlayStation VR. When she leaned out the virtual car’s window, she accidentally put her head in front of her window fan.

It felt so real, and I couldn’t stop giggling. I immediately started thinking about recreating moments like this for other games.”

Price and availability

The crowdfunding campaign will go live on November 2nd, 2017 and last for 30 days, with a funding goal of $30,000.

Pricing for the ZephVR will start at $49 for early backers on Kickstarter. For more information, visit zephvr.co.