Zeno Clash First Person Melee Action!

zeno-clashRock, Paper, Shotgun have just had a chat with one of the founding members of the ACE Team, Edmundo Bordeu and a look at the new First Person beat-em up Zeno Clash.

Zeno Clash is a melee-focused first-person game that looks totally original in its surroundings and game characters.

It has been nominated in the 2009 IGF Awards, the independent game from the start-up Chilean developer is rapidly gathering attention.

As well as the impressive design the weapons are pretty novel.

The game play sounds like it still could do with a few minor tweaks and the difficulty settings may need adjusting.

To quote the learned John Walker:

“….However, I can safely say I’ve never played a game in which I’ve beaten up an elephant with a hammer, or bashed someone’s face into my knee quite so brutally, yet without it feeling icky…..”

Even more impressive is that it’s going to be released as a $20 indie game!

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