Zeiss range of iPhone photo lenses at CES 2016

zeiss iphone lensesLove it, hate it, or be purely ambivalent about it, but there is no denying that the iPhone is a popular mobile. This also makes it one of the most popular devices for taking photos on. There are many who would argue that the fruity phone just isn’t up to the task of taking ‘professional’ snaps so, will this snap-on tech from Zeiss make any difference?

Zeiss arguably makes some of the finest camera glass out there and has decided to bring that skill and heritage to a range of high-quality external lenses for the iPhone 6s.

The new Zeiss lenses include a telephoto, wide-angle, and a zoomable macro option.

Zeiss is obviously not the first company to introduce external lenses that enhance the limited optics of a smartphone’s camera, it was even rumoured that Apple itself would offer such, but these aluminium and glass numbers from Zeiss could very well prove to be some of the best made, as well as best looking, options out there when they become available sometime around the middle of this year.

zeiss lenses iphoneIn order to use the new Zeiss lenses with the iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, and 6s Plus (and additional devices supported later on) you’ll need a way to mount them to your smartphone.

To this end, Zeiss has teamed up with the Fellowes ExoLens brand to produce that machined aluminium bracket which promises to attach to your device easily and to allow the lenses to be securely screwed on and off as you swap them.

The bracket will also feature a standard tripod mount as well as a cold shoe for attaching other accessories so you can really up your photography game if you are determined to keep it phone-based.