Yuuwaa 24GB Flash Drive for £20 – Sort of….

If you fancy getting 24GB of storage in your pocket for a pair of tenners then the YuuWaa might be worth a look. Although it doesn’t really give you all that on your stick.

I’m not being awkward or cryptic it’s just the fact that the actual USB flash drive only has 4GB of actual storage.

Hang on, let me level with you. The rest of the 20GB comes via free bundled online storage service you can use for six months.

The upside of this clever idea is that you’ll be able to grab your files anywhere over the interwebs. The other 4GB is for anywhere else transfers.

It’s all well and good that the YuuWaa go comes with six months free cloud storage, but after that it’ll cost £1.65 per month. I’m pretty sure that’s not the cheapest out there.

I’m liking the idea and if it’s done well could still be a useful tool to have in your arsenal.

The YuuWaa go is available from PCWorld for £20 (ignore the error on the site that states just 8GB of online storage).

If you need more space then the YuuWaa plus hands you 8GB flash drive and 50GB of online storage (also free for six months) at £30.

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