Yuneec E-GO – the electric skateboard with its own app

yuneec ego skateboard topElectric skateboards aren’t anything new these days but finding one that’s not pant-wettingly expensive or chunky and heavy is still a bind. Thankfully there’s boards like the Yuneec E-Go coming out.

This Yuneec E-Go Electric Skateboard, looks pretty rad and, on first glance, doesn’t betray the fact that it’s powered by anything other than your trainers.

The E-GO certainly looks sleek, fast and lightweight and is definitely up there for coolest ‘personal electric transporter’.

The Yuneec skateboard will cruise for up to 18 miles on a single 4 hour charge, and weighs only 13 lbs so won’t break your back or backpack when you decide to carry it.

yuneec ego skateboard deckAs you’d expect with any new tech, the board also has its own smartphone app (iOS only at the moment unfortunately – boo!) which gives you a speedometer, travel distance tracker and battery status indicator. But if you’re not an iPhone carrying type, you can just use the supplied wireless remote control to start, stop and adjust speed.

yuneec ego skateboard controllerYou steer the thing as you would a conventional deck, by leaning your body in the desired direction. As someone who switched to the relative safety of BMX back in the day, I’d suggest having a go on a regular board before dishing out the cash for one of these else you could have a very nasty and expensive surprise. Just because the Yuneec vids feature Californian-style ladies skating around airfields it doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone can hop on a board and become Tony Hawk. I have the elbow and knee scars to prove it.

yuneec ego skateboard truckThe leccy longboard will take riders up to 220 lbs in weight, handle 10% inclines and will cost you 749 euros.

It’s certainly more compact than the OZO chariot.

[youtube id=”1zPlUiSGsQc”]