Your very own radio controlled fire breathing dragon

fire breathing dragonWhether you have played Dungeon & Dragons, watched as Sean Connery provided the voice in DragonHeart or are addicted to Game of Thrones – you’ll agree that dragons are cool. Controlling a fire breathing dragon is even cooler.

How about a jet-powered remote control dragon that flies at 70mph?

You don’t need to be gifted dragon eggs, be able to cast a spell, or be Dennis Quaid – you will need, however, the small matter of $60,000 (£36,360).

Yup, that’s probably more than the last car you bought – but can that breathe fire?

This particular dragon uses a jet engine that delivers 10-minutes of constant flight and, for added awesome, it even automatically turn its head as it changes direction at your remote controlled command.

When it’s on the ground it can spurt out a three-foot plume of fire from its open mouth while its LED eyes light up red.

You’re It’s not able to go singeing treetops as the fiery breath is disabled while the dragon is in flight for obvious reasons.

It must look impressive flying about with its nine-foot wingspan though. I’m guessing you’ll need a decent amount of open space to fly it.

It has concealed wheels for a steady take off and landing, not that anyone you’re chasing down with your new best friend would notice.

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