Your Shape Will Check You Out and Beat You Into The Perfect Body

ubisoft-yourshape-wiiAs news of Project Natal is still ringing in our ears, Ubisoft plans to bring camera-based body scanning to the Wii for the holidays – just when most are concerned about getting their ‘beach bodies’ out.

The ‘Your Shape’ game is more like a personal trainer without the hourly fees.

Ok – so I wouldn’t call it a game as this doesn’t really sound like a pleasurable passtime but if this works then it’ll save going to the gym to be stared down by buff blokes and lithe ladies.

Righty, enough of my self-loathing – the USB camera scans your body and casts a critical gaze over your physique.

Once a 3D version of yourself is captured you can then single out the portion of your body that you feel needs most work.

I’m not expecting a feel-good-factor right there 😉

You then tell the game…errrr….software what sort of training you’re going for, how much time you have, and ‘Your Shape’ proceeds to build a personalised program to shout you into shape.

This trainer will be watching your every move and letting you know you’re doing it wrong.

Now you understand why this is no game.

But, like I said, if this actually works then it’ll be worth the money – I’d be able to buy more cigarettes with the money I’d save on gym fees.

Check out the video below 🙂

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