Your iPhone, iPod and iPad Dock May be Redundant if Apple Updates its Connector

apple connectorIf you’re thinking of upgrading that iPod dock or other peripheral that hooks up using an Apple connector ahead of buying the next iPhone or iPad then probably best hold your horses.

It sounds like all those third party gadgets that you hook your iPhone, iPod, iPad up to may be looking slightly redundant as Apple is rumoured to be retiring its classic dock connector.

Word on the street, well iMore, says that Apple may be downsizing to a mini version of the current connector to make more room for other hardware.

If this actually becomes reality then there’s going to be much crying and gnashing of teeth.

Just think of all of those products that are out there designed to work with Apple’s classic connector, including high-end hi-fi systems, speakers, dock equipped furniture and a bunch of cars!

But as Apple moves syncing into iCloud, is this change inevitable?

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