You Spinn iPod Right Round Baby…….P10

iRiver has followed up the launch of its iPod rival, the Spinn PMP, with an updated model for those lucky Koreans!

The new P10 features a 800×480 res 4.3 inch LCD,  33GB of internal memory, supports WMV and MPEG videos and Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (the TV version of DAB).

It also has handwriting recognition as well several dictionaries including English, Chinese, Japanese.

It can also be used as an e-Book reader as it supports PDF, Word and Excel.

Two versions will be available – a basic version (without DMB) for 200 euros, and a pro version (with DMB) for 250 euros – yup, lets hope we can use those Euros to buy one over here soon!

Via – Akihabara News