YotaPhone 2 – the always on mobile phone

Yota Phone 2Russian tech company Yota developed a dual screen smartphone which went on sale a couple of years ago. Now they have created the world’s first dual-screen always-on smartphone.

Like the original YotaPhone, this mobile combines the features of a premium Android smartphone with the benefits of an Electronic Paper Display so you don’t have to carry two devices around with you.

As I write this, the YotaPhone 2 has managed to attract 342 people to jump aboard their Indiegogo campaign meaning that it has smashed its initial $50,000 goal as it currently stands at $178,382.

Yota Phone 2Yota claims that you’ll get five days worth of reading time on a single charge and up to two days of basic smartphone functions. What’s more, with the YotaEnergy app, the company claims that you can give yourself a few more hours to get you to your next charge.

Yota Phone 2Yota points out that the screen is perfectly readable even in the brightest sunshine: fiction, Facebook, Twitter, news, RSS-feeds, blogs, email, messaging and (absolutely) everything else.

When it does need juice the YotaPhone 2 enjoys the benefits of Quick Charge Wireless Charging.

The always-on screen is a 4.7-inch electronic paper display with a 960×540 resolution packing in 235 pixels per inch. On the other side is a 5-inch AMOLED Full HD (1920×1080) screen. Both displays are protected by Gorilla Glass 3.

Under the hood is a Snapdragon quad core chip running at 2.2Ghz.

The dual screen smart phone goes on sale in the US in August. It is currently available via Indiegogo for around $525.