Yorkshiremans Wilting Flower Shames Power Wasters

If you’re still happily leaving all your gadgety gear on stand-by and you’re comfortable with leaving your amp, power amp, Blu-ray player, etc on while you’re playing Left4Dead on your monster gaming rig perhaps some guilt-therapy is in order.

Dubbed the Wilting Flower, it’s a visual reminder of how much electricity you’re guzzling.

When you’re being thrifty with the tricity, it’ll be a happy, perky little flower with its petals all open. Awwwww! 🙂

But as you suck on those KwH’s it will turn red and, should you continue spanking the units, it will wilt and close up. You will have killed the poor plant 🙁 BOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo!

Not very subtle but – hey, a Yorkshireman invented it so it’s gonna be good!

Doncaster based Carl Smith is the brains behind the thing and it works by chatting wirelessly to a clip that you DIY install onto your electricity meter.

T’owld fella has definitely got summat here (as we say up north). Instead of using a purly, functionally bland screen showing how many watts or pounds are being wasted; this visual version is a lot more, well, graphic.

It’s still just a prototype right now, but there are hopes for a production version that would sell for £60.


Check out Mr Smith’s profile