Yezz – Project Ara module maker shows its colours

yezz araThere have been plenty of slick mock-ups and prototypes of Google’s Project Ara modular phone but Yezz have produced what is possibly the most realistic vision.

Budget phone maker Yezz mobile have been tasked with creating modules for the Ara. Naturally, it won’t be the only module maker. Remember those Toshiba camera modules?

Although the previous shots show a uniform exterior, as seen in the Spiral 1 shots, that doesn’t really take in to consideration that Google was planning to have a store where you’ll be able to browse different components for your phone from a variety of makers. With this is mind, it is highly unlikely things will be that uniform. Imagine, different branding, colours, customisation options…

yez project araWith Ara’s customisable nature it’s a safe bet that your hot-swappable modular phone will resemble a patchwork quilt more than a flagship smartphone.

yezz project ara gaming padWhat is even more exciting is the appearance of a game pad with dual analogue sticks above!

Rummaging around the interwebs I have found these excellent pictures which perhaps give you a better idea of how the Project Ara will fit together.

project ara yezz front and backYezz mobile currently makes mid-range, colourful phones and is hoping that its budget-mobile chops will be a good match for the modular market. Unfortunately, Yezz hasn’t given any indication as to how many of these modules are proof of concept and how many we can expect to see come to market. Or for what price. Or when.

Personally, I quite dig the idea of being able to see which modules people are using in comparison to the ones I have loaded on my phone.

What do you reckon?