Yelpie – Ideal Portable Safe For Summer Festivals and Holidays

yelpieIf, like me, you can’t drag yourself away from your tech even on holidays or at a festival.

The problem comes trying to protect them and any cash you might not need to carry with you all the time.

Instead of ‘cleverly hiding’ your wallet and mobile under a towel when you go for a swim or shoving your portable speakers under the airbed when you go to the ‘experimental music’ tent it might be worth investing in the Yelpie.

The Yelpie is a portable safe that will attack any would-be theif by emitting a 90dB alarm.

The Yelpie has a smart motion sensor which is sensitive enough to know the difference between being knocked and being swiped and carried away.

So, the poolside can be a little more secure for your valuables.

That feeling of security is yours for a reasonable £36.95