Yay Buttons – PlayStation’s Non-Subtle Fun Poking

We’ve watched the on-pitch struggle between the mighty Sony and Microsoft as they try to win your praises (and coin) as to who has the best motion-control gaming peripherals out there.

But now it seems that it’s gone a bit school-yard with Sony launching the very tongue-in-cheek website YayButtons.com - which sings the praises of, well…… buttons but as they’d rather put it ‘physical input’.

The website features a giant Playstation Move controller with interactive buttons that produce ‘quotes’ when you click from Sony’s fictitious exec, Kevin Butler.

These button-happy quotes range from ‘Cuz they help you… control stuff’ to ‘Can you imagine gaming without buttons? Where would the control come from?’

You can also see what lies behind ‘Info Snack’ and ‘Knowledge Buffet’ or the odd interactive ‘Sensitive Fireman

Now, let’s see what Microsoft comes out with.

Any guesses?

While you’re guessing – why not check out Kevin Butler, VP of something-or-other in action below:

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