Yamaha reveals ultra-light electric bike and new Cafe Racer concepts

Yamaha PES1Yamaha looks to be covering all the bases at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show as the maker is bringing a handful of concepts that point the way forward, as well as one firmly rooted in the past.

The main event is the PES1 seen here on the left.

This is Yamaha’s latest electric bike concept which manages to weigh in at an incredibly lightweight 220 pounds.

The battery pack on the PES1 is mounted in the middle and acts as a stressed member of the chassis, with the headstock and swing arm integrated into the skinny frame.

A brushless DC motor is fixed low in the body, with the rear shock below. The transmission is a fully automated box, with the ability to go from manual to automatic control with the flick of a switch.

Despite the lack of indicators, mirrors, and a license plate holder, the PES1 looks pretty much production ready.

I can’t help but think that the area usually used by the fuel tank could be utilised for storage or even some more batteries.

I’d like to know what the range of this bike is as, even with the lightweight body, there must have been some skimping on battery-power/range to keep the PES1’s weight down.

There’s also an electric version of Yammy’s Vino scooter, named EVINO, but what has really caught my eye is the new twist on the Yamaha Star Bolt cruiser.

Yamaha Bolt CafeThe Bolt Café, based on the Yamaha’s challenge to the entry-level Harley-Davidson Sportster, is a definite retro-modern Café Racer.

This retrotastic mixture of the latest suspension and brakes with the added flourishes of brown leather to contrast with the matte black along with the Bolt’s 950cc air-cooled V-twin mounted in the middle certainly makes a very potent stew indeed.

Unfortunately, Yamaha doesn’t have any plans to produce it and doesn’t even mention offering factory-supplied parts to make your own from the base Bolt. Boo!

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