Yahoo weather is as beautiful as it is simple

Yahoo WeatherIt’s a very well documented thing that us Brits love to chat about the weather. Given that we, to quote the lyrics, get four seasons in one day, it’s not really surprising. Yahoo has just made checking the forecast a lot more pleasing.

My morning routine is usually as follows: Alarm goes off, I stop that and check my emails, then Facebook, then anything like Words with Friends that might be in progress and then, finally, I’ll check the weather.

There are plenty of weather apps out there but Yahoo is releasing its own weather app today and it’s possibly the prettiest weather app around.

With the help of photographers and the Flickr community, Yahoo Weather is not only clear to look at, it’s nice to look at.

Photos are pulled from Flickr’s Project Weather, a community on the site created by Yahoo specifically to gather weather photography. Already in existence, the group is open for anyone to submit photos to. While anyone’s image can ultimately make it into the weather app, images that do are specifically approved by a staff member, so you won’t wind up with any unwanted surprises πŸ˜‰

yahoo weather

By pulling in your exact coordinates, the time of day and general weather conditions, Yahoo Weather selects and displays an appropriate image taken in your town to watch the forecast. So at night, you’ll see night time shots and so on. And by scrolling up, you have access to an hourly forecast, five day forecast, the ever important ‘feels like’ wind and pressure, chance of precipitation and it’ll even tell you when the sun is rising and setting.

I love the animated spinning windmills in the Wind & Pressure section πŸ™‚

And by turning your iPhone horizontal, the app goes into full display mode with just images from your city of choice.

The Yahoo Weather app isΒ  in the iTunes app store now.

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