Yahoo Mail for tablets makes reading your e-mails almost fun

Yahoo Mail for AndroidYahoo has just launched a new tablet app for Yahoo Mail and it looks pretty darned good. I’d be surprised if other mail platforms aren’t taking note right now.

Yahoo’s SVP of Mobile and Emerging Products, Adam Cahan, described the new Yahoo Mail app as “unboxing your email.”

The new tablet email app takes full-advantage of your tablets’ larger screen and, not only does it make it easier for you to read your mail, it also makes it easier to get rid of messages you don’t want to read.

Fully full Screen

When you open up Yahoo’s tablet app it looks like almost any other email client. There’s the all too familiar column on the left side of the screen displaying your inbox, and a larger square on the right that displays each message.

The bonus with Yahoo is that it’s packing a special full screen function for reading mail. Tap the small arrow button on the bottom of the scree and POW!

Full screen mode allows you to flip through your inbox like you’re reading a book, complete with page-turn animations. If you’re in a hurry, you can also tap on the right side of the screen to flip through messages at a faster pace. If there are images attached to an email then these are brought into the message inline.

The whole experience looks more like Flipboard than mail, making it not only easier to read content, but a more pleasant and less laborious experience.

Yahoo Mail for iPad

Clean up your box

Organising your e-mail box has also been made a lot more swish.

When you put a check mark next to a message in your inbox list and swipe it to the right where messages are usually displayed you are given a number of options for that message (See top portrait image – click to enlargen).

From here you can choose to star it, moving it to a folder, or delete the message entirely.

Where this handy function comes in to its own, however, is that if you highlight a group of messages — or your entire inbox — Yahoo will gather together all of the emails by the same sender and let you perform bulk actions on those messages.

If you constantly get updates from mail lists that you subscribed to ages ago (estate agents, the local pizza shop, etc) you can just select your entire inbox and delete all of those messages at once and remove the clutter.

The idea behind the feature is that you might take care of some messages in bulk when you start a mail session, and then kick back and read through the email that you do want to see full screen.

Yahoo Mail for tablets is available now for iPad and Android tablets, including the Kindle Fire.

Impressed or meh?

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