Xtorm Limitless 10000 mAh rugged powerbank review

Xtorm AL421 Limitless 10000 powerbank


Build quality




Ease of use







  • Built like a tank
  • Is actually waterproof
  • Good sized battery
  • Speedy charging and recharging
  • Carabiner and cable bundled


  • £80 might put some people off

xtorm limitless 10000 reviewXtorm has introduced a number of new powerbanks in to their range. However, it was the rugged, IP68 waterproof-rated Limitless 10000 that caught my eye.

The Xtorm Limitless (AL421, if we’re being formal) boasts 10,000mAh of charging power through a pair of USB ports. It also comes with the usual emergency torch function.

However, it’s its waterproofing and go-anywhere military standard ruggedness that sets it apart from the others.

Xtorm Limitless 10000 design

xtorm limitless powerbank topThe Limitless Power Bank has an extremely strong, shock-absorbing housing.

Within that tough exterior lives a 10,000mAh battery.

Xtorm limitless uncoveredThe charger has two USB outputs, enabling you to charge two mobile devices at once.

xtorm limitless coveredThese, the micro USB port for recharging the powerbank, and torch are all protected beneath a flap. It is this very flap that has the task of keeping out water.

xtorm limitless indicator lightsAtop the textured surface of the Limitless are four indicator lights.

xtorm limitless battery buttonThese show you how much power the battery has left at the press of the button on the right corner.

xtorm limitless light buttonOn the left corner is the button for the torch.

Xtorm limitless sideAt the other end of the powerbank is a slot to loop a strap through and attach the bundled carabiner clip. Now you can fix it to your rucksack, belt, or whatever you like.

Moreover, it only weighs 340 grams and measures 153 x 85 x20mm.

Xtorm Limitless 10000 performance

The AL421 has not only been awarded an IP68 rating, it’s done time in the military too. Well, it has been tested under extreme conditions according to Military Standard 810-G. This is a test used to ensure products are suitable for the American military forces.


This Xtorm Power Bank Limitess is highly efficient and loses the least possible energy during the charging process.

Thanks being equipped with an APM-chip, the powerbank automatically balances the correct charging speed. Furthermore, it efficiently divides the power between the attached devices.

Finally, it has a high input and high outputs. These features make it possible to charge the connected device as fast as possible and recharge the powerbank itself on high speed. As you will have noticed, one port is rated at 5V/1A, and the other at 5V/2.4A.


With that battery size you are able to recharge a tablet once, or a smartphone up to 5 times. To be honest, I think 3-4 charges of most phones these days will be more realistic. Still, that’s pretty handy.

xtorm limitless reviewAs the powerbank doesn’t have anywhere to stow the natty little bundled braided USB cable, you have to remember to pack it. Most of the phones in my house currently use USB-C, so it might be worth stocking up as it comes with a microUSB/USB-A cable. However, that’s hardly a deal breaker.


xtorm limitless torchMost powerbanks appear to come packing a torch. Most of the time I see this as being pointless. But, on this Mil-spec, waterproof, survivalist battery, it makes total sense. Press the torch button twice, you set it off in SOS mode. Great if you happen to have got stuck half-way up a cliff face trying to get a mobile signal.

Is it actually waterproof?

xtorm limitless moistenedAs odd as this experiment was (dunking an electrical device), it had to be done.

Here is the Xtorm Limitless in a bowl of water.

[youtube id=”cf2PnMZPweI”]

Now, the IP68 Rating means that it’s protected against water ingress to a maximum depth of 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes, as well as being protected against dust ingress.

xtorm limitless wetNow, my bowl wasn’t quite 1.5 metres deep and the powerbank wasn’t left in the bowl for half-an-hour. However, after taking some snaps, I did put the bank back in the bowl.

I left the “business end” submerged for another 15 minutes whilst I made and drank a cuppa. I am glad to say that the powerbank still worked, until it ran out of charge. It did recharge fine and is still living as I type.

Xtorm Limitless 10000 review conclusion

The Xtorm Limitless AL421 10,000mAh powerbank is a toughy. It looks the business but also appears to be able to back its claims up.

I am always nervous when I have to dunk a review device in water to test the maker’s claims out. Not having dealt with Xtorm before, I was unsure as to how my testing would turn out. Thankfully, all was well.

Yes, there larger capacity powerbanks out there – for instance my current favourite is the 30,000mAh beast from Aukey. The thing is, that’s quite heavy for shoving in a backpack.

This is where the Xtorm Limitless excels. It only weighs 340 grams and you don’t have to worry about stowing it away somewhere dry. Just hang it off your bag and it will be fine.

Outdoorsy or a festival fiend? This is the powerbank for you.

Price and availability

The AL421 Power Bank Limitless 10000 is €89 (around £80).

You can buy it now direct from the Xtorm website.

Xtorm offers a two years guarantee on all its products.