New Xperia X10 Mini Pro – Tiny QWERTY Keyboarded Touchscreen Facebook Phone

The original Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro proved to tick all the boxes for a lot of people – QWERTY keyboard in a tiny Android powered phone – you got it! The thing is, it was running Android 1.6 and the screen was a bit of a let down compared to others around. Sony Ericsson have set out to change things.

Say hello to the all new Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro!

It has been spruced up with a hefty dollop of Android 2.3, rocks a 5MP camera capable of 720p HD video recording and a sparkly 3-inch 320×480 capacitive multitouch touchscreen. Bosh!

They’ve kept the clever corners of the original which will allow you to keep up to 16 app shortcuts on the homescreen but, on top of all that, SE have added “Facebook inside Xperia”.

Facebook inside Xperia slings your Facebook friends details into “the most used areas of the phone”. So, integration with the social network slinks into the mini Xperia’s picture gallery, music player, phonebook and calendar as well as being able to get straight to Facebook to update your status and such.

I think we’ve all seen Facebook integration in your contacts and I’m guessing the music player and picture gallery will involve ‘sharing’ what you’re looking at, photo’s you’ve taken or what you’re listening to.

The Mini Pro also comes pre-loaded with Office Suite and McAfee antivirus software, letting you manage documents and e-mails instantly and securely while on the move. Nice.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro will arrive in the UK with Vodafone around July time.

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