Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum now available

mi robot vacuum ukXiaomi may be more known for their phones but, if you listen to the Tech Addicts podcast, you will also be aware of their other products such as their Android TV Mi Box. The latest thing to join their Mi system is this rather neat looking robot vacuum.

The Mi Robot Vacuum looks pretty similar to some others out there, but it does offer a number of benefits. That includes the price.

The vacuum cleaner features a laser distance sensor that is able to scan its surroundings up to 1800 times a second. The Mi Robot Vacuum uses its complement of 12 sensors — including an ultrasonic radar sensor, cliff sensor, gyroscope, and accelerometer — to map out the interior of your home. Using its Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm, it is then able to calculate the most efficient route for cleaning.

The robot vacuum comes with three processors that track its movements in real-time.

The Mi Robot Vacuum is equipped with a Nidec brushless DC motor that has a suction rating of 1800Pa. Putting that sucking power context, the Roomba 980, which is currently £780, has a 1670Pa sucky motor.

mi robot vacuumThe Mi vacuum has two circular side brushes that directs dirt and fluff towards the main brush. This is automatically height adjustable so that the cleaner droid gets the optimum suction depending on the flooring type. Talking about brushes, there’s both rubber and fibre brushes fitted. Again, this suits different floor types.

Everything it picks up is packed in to its 420ml dust box.

App and battery

It wouldn’t be a modern device if it didn’t sync with an app. The Mi Robot Vacuum connects with the Mi Home app.

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Through the Mi Home app you can view real-time progress, change cleaning modes, set automatic schedules, and power on the device remotely.

The vacuum comes with a 5200mAh battery. This will power it through two and a half hours (around 250 square meters) of cleaning. When it needs to recharge it will take itself back to its base unit.

Mi Robot Vacuum price and availability

You can buy the Mi Robot Vacuum now from Gear Best for the presale price of £310.35

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