Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 – less bezels more details

xiaomi mi mix 2 front panelXiaomi’s bezel-less Mi Mix smartphone is a gorgeous bit of kit. It was certainly the talk of the tech crowd when it launched last October. The Chinese phone maker will be creating waves soon with its Mi Mix 2 very soon.

Last year’s Mi Mix was stunning and, in my opinion, was way ahead of what Apple offered. It looks like Apple might be playing catch-up again this year as Xiaomi plans to unveil the new version at an event in Beijing one day before Apple’s iPhone launch.

Naturally, all eyes will be on Apple. Mostly as it really needs to release a device that distinguishes itself from the past few minor iterations to boost its brand. Furthermore, it could really do with stemming the flow of falling sales in China.

Xiaomi gets jump on Apple – again

By all accounts, we should indeed be expecting to see some radical changes from Apple. But, we shall only find out officially 24 hours after Xiaomi has enjoyed the limelight.

The Mi Mix really brought Xiaomi a lot of attention last year thanks to its stunning design which is practically all screen.

This was an extremely exciting breakthrough at the time. In fact, Xiaomi initially billed the Mi Mix as a concept device.

mi mix fieldNow screens, or rather bezels, are the hot topic for smartphones in 2017.

Both LG and Samsung have unveiled devices with minimal bezels, running with the Mi Mix’s design lead.

Even less bezel

Early leaks of the Mi Mix 2 suggests an even smaller bezel, of course.

mi mix 2 teaserMore specs

It looks like last year’s ‘chin’ has been reduced to a minimum. In the series of teaser images that outline the new phone’s general shape and contour there is definintely less bottom bezel.
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Snapdragon 835Other whispers includes Qualcomm’s not-yet-announced Snapdragon 836 chipset and support for Android 8.0 Oreo right out of the box.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 teaserIt is no surprise that Xiaomi is keeping tight-lipped about this. I guess it all adds to the Apple-like anticipation.

The great news is that we only have to wait until September 11th to see what Xiaomi has to offer.

I, as well as many of my friends, are hoping that the Mi Mix 2 is compatible with UK networks. Something that the original was not.