Xiaomi Mi 6 official specs, pics, amazing price

Xiaomi-Mi-6-designXiaomi’s Galaxy S8 and LG G6 contender, the Mi 6, is finally out. It’s a looker, and it achieves the thing that’s causing Apple some headaches with their iPhone 8 too.

If you were hoping that the Mi 6 would be sporting the edgeless aesthetics debuted by the Mi Mix, then look away now.

On the other hand, if “four-sided curved glass”, stainless steel frame, “uniformed alignment”, seamlessly integrated dual camera still does it for you; please continue.

So, what has Xiaomi managed that Apple is apparently scratching its collective heads over? The Mi 6 is equipped with an under-glass fingerprint sensor.

Xiaomi Mi 6 features

OK, so there’s the usual hyperbole regarding snazzy design and whatnot. But, let’s not dismiss the fact that Xiaomi has managed to cover the front-fitted fingerprint reader with glass. C’mon Apple, catch up! 😀

True, this is not a bezel-less phone but it still hands this 5.15-inch Full HD screened handset a seamless design and, no doubt, feel.

Protection and processing

The Xiaomi Mi 6 also has “properly sealed and protected” “openings”. So, all of the new phone’s orifaces are safe from splashes, including the SIM card tray.

xiaomi mi 6 featuresThe phone comes in 64GB and 128GB flavours so decent storage. That’s just as well as there’s no microSD slot.

The Mi 6 is ushered along by 6GB RAM paired with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor as found in the S8. That state-of-the-art chip is actually making its debut in China inside this flagship device.


Xiaomi is more than happy to boast that the Mi 6’s dual rear camera set-up is superior to that of Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus.

Xiaomi-Mi-6-backOn the new Chinese flagship you get wide-angle 12MP and telephoto 12MP lenses that purportedly deliver 2X optical lossless zoom.

Not only that, expect great depth-of-field, and stellar Portrait mode performance.

The rest of the good stuff

The Mi 6 also features stereo speakers, a decent enough 3350mAh battery, dual Wi-Fi connectivity, NFC-enabled Mi Pay support, and USB Type-C.

xiaomi mi 6 coloursBrace yourself – you won’t find a 3.5mm headphone jack here.


There is a silver edition exuding a “totally different feel” from the ‘plain’ version.

Xiaomi-Mi-6-CeramicYou want mo bling? You need to grab the Mi 6 Ceramic with “four-sided curved ceramic”, 18-karat gold camera rims. This model also boasts a virtually indestructible build. Be prepared to part with big money for that one though G.

Xiaomi Mi 6 price and availability

The standard Xiaomi Mi 6 is prepared for release on April 28th in China.

You get all this phone for 2,500 Yuan. That’s around £285 at current conversion!