Xerox Silver Ink Will Allow Circuits to be Printed onto Anything by Anyone

xerox silverI’m lucky in the fact that my cousin is pretty handy with electronics and seems quite comfortable with putting stuff together on a breadboard.

Perhaps my jealousy could soon be at an end as Xerox has come up with something that might allow me to find the required circuits online and then simply print them off – just think of the self-build effects pedals and pre-amps I could own!!!!!

Xerox plans could give us the ability to print our own circuit boards onto plastics, film, and even textiles.

The clever bit that the boffins at Xerox have sorted out is that they’ve developed a metallic ink with a melting point lower than that of plastics – so you’ll be able to print without melting what you’re printing onto.

This also opens up the possibilty for flexible, lightweight, disposable electronics – but no word of when this will actually happen.

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