Xcaster – Make Your Own Streaming HD Videos

xcaster-launch$8,000 for a webcam!!!!?????

Well, that was my first reaction, but then I am but a humble musician/gadget-freak.

Let me start again.

The Xcaster 5000 can sit on your desk and work as a cam for HD conference calls; alternatively grab it and go exploring.

You can record in full high-def whilst it also throws CD quality audio in there too.

Around the back the Xcaster 5000 is rocking a pretty cool touchscreen so you get to see what’s going on in as much detail as they’ll be getting.

All of this streaming magic is done via Wi-Fi - 802.11n to be specific as this allows the rate of streaming that’s needed here.

If you choose not to stream your encounters and adventures you can capture moving pictures as well as 5 megapixel stills onto the SD card.

It even has Bluetooth so you can transfer your captures onto any Bluetooth-friendly deviceur favourite as well as slapping them online via that wireless connection.

Thankfully, at that price it comes complete with a tough, watertight casing for all of you butter-fingers out there.

Go to Pixavi for details and stuff 🙂

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