Xbox One smartwatch to launch in new year

xbox watchI was a tad underwhelmed by the Microsoft Band as it looks like most other fitness bands out there. But an update to the Xbox One Smartwatch rumours? Colour me interested.

It’s been about 18 months since I last tapped anything out regarding the Xbox One Smartwatch, although word about a Microsoft Smartwatch keeps popping up.

The Xbox wearable (Xwatch?) will apparently focus on health and fitness, as the console already comes with a number of health and fitness applications and so is likely to again follow the fitness band model.

PCR recently spoke to Joe Officer, head of Exertis who are one of Microsoft’s suppliers, and revealed that the company has plans for a number of wearable devices to be released next year.


The wearable market is always growing and we can expect to see Microsoft rolling out a spate of devices next year in this space… These will be linked to the Xbox One which has loads of health and fitness apps already in it – add that to real time heart rate monitors, health bands, scales and video sensors and users will have day in, day out, real time monitoring of themselves.”


I would assume that the Xbox One Smartwatch will be multi-platform just like the Microsoft Band and so play nice with iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

I am hoping that it looks more like the concept above or even the renders of the Microsoft Smartwatch than the Microsoft Band. One thing’s for sure though, expect to see a raft of Microsoft wearables being launched soon.