Xbox 720 Loop Ready for CES 2012?

It was rumoured not to make an appearance before 2015 but Microsoft’s Xbox 720 may well be shown off at CES next week!

The next generation Xbox has be said to be coming out in a few years but it has since appeared in Hollywood as well as Linked In and now word has it that it may be ready for Vegas baby!

The new Xbox console is apparently going by the name ‘Loop’ and has some pretty exciting specs floating around the interweblogosphere including a modified Windows 9 core featuring a custom-made ARM-based processor and dedicated cores for graphics, AI, physics, sound, networking, encryption and sensors. It’s also rumoured to use a Zune HD-esque hardware platform and feature some form of Windows phone integration as well as packing DVR /PVR functionality.

If the Xbox 720 is to rest under your telly with all your other bits and bobs then a stealthy design such as the one here created by Joseph Dumary would not look out of place sitting where your Sky or Virgin box is now.

More recent rumours has the new Xbox well into development with an expected release date of 2013 – could it actually be ready this year?

What are you expecting from the Xbox 720 or Loop? Do you think it will be at CES 2012? Let me know your thoughts 🙂

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