Xbox Live Spy for iPhone

If you are serious about Xbox gaming then keeping tabs on your ‘friends’ becomes essential.

How much practise are they getting in?  What’s their kill/spawn ratio like? How much time do they spend online?  All this becomes quite important.

Now you can check things like this whilst you’re wondering home back from the take-away.

iXboxLive is an unofficial application which was launched last week and plonks itself on your iPhone’s home screen and acts as a supergrass to ten of your virtual buddies.

Once you’ve added your prey…..errrr…..friends you’ll be able to see what game they’re playing, their gamerscore, their gamer profile picture and location. You can even see a list of games they’ve been recently honing their skills on.

It costs 59p over here in Blightyland. 

Such a small price to pay for this kind of insider information.

Go here and get sorted – iPhone App store.

You aint seen me.  Right? 😉