Xbox 360 Designers Look to Linked Kitchen Gadgets

The Xbox 360 and Boxee Box both are cool and look good. That’s thanks to design company Astro. Well, when being entertained we need munchies and drinks – so Astro have come up with the modular KitchenScape appliance set.

As well as the groovy matte black finish being a must for any modern kitchen the KitchenScape saves on cables and taking up all your power points. All of the appliances hook-up to each other so that you get a daisy-chain of coffee maker, toaster, juicer, and kettle from one power chord.

I am guessing that the power chord can be fitted into any of the modules as not everyone has a long counter top or want all their appliances lined up – the idea of having modular appliances in the first place is so that you can section them off: drink making on one side, food prep on the other. Well, that’s how I’d do it.

The space saving ideas such as the fruit holder and in-built cutting board on the juicer is a near touch 🙂

I’m also taking it as read that, should the sexy KitchenScape go in to production, that the modules wont be cheap.

Still looks good though eh?

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