New Xbox Console Slips out in LinkedIn Posts

Microsoft developers have revealed that they are in fact working on a new Xbox console through their posts on their LinkedIn network pages.

The employees mentioned their work on a number of resume pages on the LinkedIn social employment networking site.

Interactive creative director and designer Jeff Faulkner is listed as the Xbox next gen creative director. Similarly Jonathan Harris is currently employed as senior creative director for Xbox and is working on the next generation of entertainment.

Patrick Corrigan and Joe Langevin are the biggest give-aways – Corrigan is said to be working on branding elements for the next-gen Xbox where Joe Langevin, a hardware intern at Microsoft, is listed as helping build for next-gen devices.

It’s not hard to read between all of these lines and decide that there’s a new console in being developed at Microsoft – let’s face it, the current gamer has been with us since 2005. Besides, we’ve already heard about the rumoured 2015 for the Xbox 720.

It’s not all doom and gloom for the feisty five-year-old. Word is that the Xbox 360 will get a new user interface on November 25.

Anyway – the Xbox 720 must be real as it’s already appeared in a Hollywood trailer for Hugh Jackman’s latest vehicle ‘Real Steel’ 🙂