Xbox Avatar Kinect Puts Your Facial Expressions in Virtual Meeting Places

Microsoft’s Avatar Kinect, announced back at CES, has finally gone live. The new addition to Kinect Fun Labs gives Xbox Live users over 15 virtual environments to “hang out” in with up to seven avatar friend with the Kinect camera tracking facial expressions to make chats realistic.

Yup, now you can chat ‘face-to-face’ with cartoon versions of your friends – and whilst they might look slightly cuter/more attractive at least you’ll recognise their voice, smile and, probably, their angry face as the Xbox Kinect will capture all the above. Nod your head whilst your buddy is chatting and they’ll see your cartoon self nod in understanding.

It’s not just about chatting though – there’s also activities to try out. You can record your movements in order to make animated videos. Why not try some stand-up in front of your friends on one of the 24 themed 3D Performance Stages?

Microsoft is hoping that users will download and share their virtual hook-ups, showing the world just how great Kinect is. With millions of the motion-sensing cameras already sold, chances are that this new environment will prove popular.

Avatar Kinect is free for all until the 8 September after which it becomes available to Xbox Live Gold members only.

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