XBox 360 Damages Your Discs and Microsoft Knows!

360Tut-tut Microsoft!

Recently voted most desired console, nay, present this Christmas Microsoft has kept a major failing under its hat.

Whilst the big M has said that their Xbox 360 was capable of scratching discs and offered a fairly limited exchange program for damaged games there seems to be documentation that proves that Microsoft has known about the problem since the 360 was released!

According to The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Microsoft first discovered the problem in September or October of 2005 – they even sent a “team of engineers” to stores across the US to determine the best course of action.

It sounds like they came up with three options, two impractical non-starters, which left the expensive action of installing small bumpers in each and every console.

So Microsoft offered the disc exchange instead.

These unsealed documents apparently also revealed that some Microsoft employees thought that the warning labels on the console weren’t enough, and that the company has received complaints about the problem from more than 55,000 customers as of April 30th of this year!

There’s no word of any movement just yet in theses lawsuits but one, filed back in July of 2007, is seeking class-action status on behalf of everyone that’s bought an Xbox 360.

I’ll keep you 360ers informed!