X-Mini II – Revenge of The Sphere Speakers. They Will Surround You!

xmini2Remember back in early Spring last year I brought word of a cute little portable speaker called the X-Mini?

It only gets better!!

The X-Mini II speaker spheres are here and at $29 have a little trick up their…..balls?

They can be daisy chained together for an infinitely expandable grouping of rock action (see below)……… this is surround sound bit in a little spherical way.

Round Sound?


Each X-Mini II has a woofer and tweeter (yup – in that tiny globe!) and is powered by an 11-hour rechargeable battery – which, incidentally can be topped-up via USB.

Daisy chaining happens via a simple 3.5mm headphone jack that can be tucked away underneath the unit when it’s going solo.

According to the knowing people over at CNET Asia the sound quality is pretty exceptional for a compact speaker.

So, I just need to figure out how many speakers I’ll need to get around our camp-fire circle at Glastonbury…………………….

Oh, they should be available almost exactly a year since my last article about the X-mini.

That’s March by-the-way 🙂