WWDC 2011 – iCloud, OS X 10.7 Lion and a Surprise?

Well Apple-lovers – WWDC is literally just around the corner and this year’s keynote from San Francisco promises to be a break from the norm.

Steve Jobs is all set to leave his sick and take the stage on Monday to announce details behind the long-awaited iCloud music storage/streaming service. iSteve will also be unwrapping iOS 5 – the brand new iPhone, iPad and iPod touch operating system. iPhone 3GS owners – you’ll be ignored on this one. Sorry.

It’s quite a departure for Apple to actually confirm these two launches. Most will have also already seen Mac OS X 10.7 Lion well before WWDC.

Now, this could either be a change of direction by Apple (being upfront with what to expect instead of ‘leaking’ things to trusted journalists) or, alternatively, it could mean that Jobs & Co has even bigger news standing by.

The iCloud service will, apparently, be offered free for a limited time which will enable users to upload their music to Apple’s servers so it can be played from any Internet-connected computer or Apple device. Word on the street is that Apple will eventually charge a $25 subscription fee for the service.

The other unusual thing for a WWDC is the chance that there’ll be no new iPhone announced. Lot’s of people have been looking forward to the iPhone 5 announcement this month but there are doubts that even an iPhone 4S unveiling packing the new iCloud smarts will happen.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a bunch of tech showing off their new Thunderbolt I/O ports as the new high-speed data transfer connection seems to have gone a little quiet. Other than LaCie and Nikon the only other Thunderbolt rockin’ device I’ve seen is the Byte-dock which turns your MacBook into a desktop puter.

Do you thing that Apple has something big to show off?

I’ll let you know when I get news from San Francisco – it all starts at 6pm GMT, Monday night 🙂


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