WOWKeys – Docks iPhone to Become Number and Track Pad

You like the look of the Eeeboard? How about a keyboard that docks with your iPhone and then incorporates that bit of Apple into the design making it an iOS version of the Asus Eee Keyboard?

WOWKeys from Omnio is such a beast.

The WOWKey keyboard goes further than merely syncing and charging duties. When you iPhone is docked flick a switch on the keyboard and then your iBlower becomes a touchscreen number pad or a controller in certain apps – even a multitouch trackpad 🙂

The keyboard is fitted with 15 functions that allow you to interact with your iPhone and there are also options to allow app designers to design functions that allow the keyboard and iPhone to work together if required.

The WOWKeys keyboard is currently available from Korea for $105 plus shipping.

Unfortunately there are no detail on worldwide availability at the moment so grey imports maybe the only way to go at the mo.