WoW Models

FigurePrintsThe Former Microsoft Game Studios VP, Ed Fries, has partnered up with World of Warcraft publisher Blizzard Entertainment to create 3D statues of individual characters played in the game.  Yeah, the character that you’ve designed can actually sit on your shelf and watch you play!

This service is called FigurePrints and will cost you around £50 for the priviledge of having your character modelled and painted.   You can tell FigurePrints what gear you want your statue outfitted in and it will, after ordering, appear at your door in a protective glass dome.

“For the first time, we are taking this new technology and using it to bring objects out of a virtual world and into the real world through 3D printing,” said Fries. “We are turning the actual characters that gamers play into something that is tangible and physical, no longer just online, and frankly we just think that is really cool.”

Are you a WoW gamer?  You fancy having a 3D statue of your character?  Do you know a WoW addict for whom this would be a fantastic crimbo prezzi? Blaze over to FigurePrints and get it on!

Piece spotted at the oddley named Slippery Brick