World class producers and musicians praise Meters Music headphones

meters ov-1b ukBritish consumer electronics brand Meters Music was launched in January 2017. Recently though, it has received a major boost from a growing army of music-industry luminaries who are queuing up to praise the audio quality of the young brand’s headphones.

An impressive raft of influential record producers, studio engineers and world-famous musicians are using Meters headphones in the studio. High praise indeed as all of them obviously rely on exceptionally high-quality, accurate sound reproduction for their work.

At this point I think it only fair to add that we are still yet to get the chance to review anything from Meters. #JustSayin 😉

Meters of praise

Firstly, the list kicks off with renowned artist/producer David Holmes. He says that the OV-1 headphones “sound awesome”.

Holmes’ reputation behind the mixing desk could hardly be more stellar. After releasing a series of seminal albums in the 1990s (This Film’s Crap Let’s Slash The Seats; Let’s Get Killed; and Bow Down To The Exit Sound), he went on to soundtrack all three Ocean’s Eleven films. However, most recently he produced Noel Gallagher’s latest album Who Built The Moon.

Meters Emre Ramazanoglu – Record ProducerStudio engineer/producer Emre Ramazanoglu (above), whose credits also include Noel Gallagher, as well as Paloma Faith, Lilly Allen, Sia and Mark Ronson, says,

Meters are the best reason I’ve ever heard to turn off my speakers and wear headphones in the studio. They are my go-to choice for live work now too, and I’ve found I’m ditching my IEMs for them! Super-solid bass with un-hyped and pleasing mid/tops… just what I’ve always been after!”


In addition to those behind the desk a fast-growing raft of top-notch musicians have taken up the Meters brand as well.

Meters Stevie WonderThe most legendary of them all is Stevie Wonder, who has used the Meters OV-1s in the studio, commenting, “They sound great and they’re very comfortable.”

Meters Eagles of Death Metal – Dave CatchingDave Catching, guitarist in Josh Homme’s band Eagles of Death Metal, uses Meters headphones alongside guitar and bass amps made by Meters’ parent company, Ashdown engineering. He commented:

As with all my Ashdown gear they sound like nothing else. They offer a unique reference for my studio work.”

Rock giants Biffy Clyro are huge fans, with bass player James Johnston saying,

They sound huge, and are perfect for life on the road or at home”

System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian comments,

Ashdown amps have been a huge part of my sound for decades. The quality is so good that when the Meters headphones came out I had to try them. The sound is great and they look really cool.”

Another renowned musician queuing up to support Meters Music is U2 bass player Adam Clayton, who even had a hand in tuning the sound of the Meters ‘M-Ears’ and ‘M-Ears BT’ in-ear headphones.

Clayton says,

I’ve been using their bass amps in the studio and on tour for years now, and the sound I get from them is superb. I listened to a whole range of samples, and I chose the version now launched as the Meters M- Ears because it had everything you want: precision, clarity and musicality.”

Price and availability

The Meters Music OV-1 and OV-1B are available from Amazon from £279.