Word Lens – Instant Augmented Reality Translator App

If you travel around most of you will have some foreign language phrase book app on your phone but how cool would it be if you could get instant translations of signs, menus, and so on?

Well, there’s a new iPhone app that lets you get just – say Hola! to Word Lens 🙂

Word Lens translates in real time without the need for a Wi-Fi and data connection by using an in-app dictionary. All you have to do is point your phone’s camera lens and the foreign wordage and it gets translated into English. Think of it as a cross between Google Translate and Google Goggles.

Ok – the translations can be a bit Babelfish but it’s enough to get you through the maze of signs I’m sure. It’s not up to the task of handwritten signs yet and can only do Spanish to English and vise-versa with a promise of more lingo coming soon.

It’s a free download from the App Store with language packs costing a fiver.

Check out the app in action in the vid below 🙂

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