Woolworths Return Online

ww-logo-v1Woolworths, that UK favourite is rising, phoenix-like, from the administration ashes as an online only store after being bought out by the owners of the Daily Telegraph.

Every house-wives first-call place for pots, pans and selection boxes, Woolies has now been bought out by the Shop Direct Group, owned by the Barclay brothers, who also own the national newspaper, Littlewoods Direct, etc and will relaunch as an online only venture in the summer.

Their website announces:

We’ve got high hopes and big ideas for the Woolworths we want to bring back to you!

There’re no details as to what it will sell yet, other than its childrens’ clothing line, Ladybird, but the Woolworths website is offering visitors the chance to tell the company what they would like to see.

I’m guessing Pick-and-Mix wont be an option 🙁

There’s no reason why it couldn’t survive in this form – Dixons has managed the transition after all, selling everything it did before, but online rather than through brick and mortar stores.

I’m hoping that Woolworths will remain as a trusted and much-loved brand, even online, although after a bit of checking it looks like Shop Direct are cutting jobs.

Good luck Woolies – we love you!


 Woolworths Via BBC News