Woolies Backing Blu-Ray!

wooliesWarner and New Line have already told HD-DVD where it can go and now the high street giant that is Woolworths has confirmed that it’s backing Blu-Ray all the way as well!!

They’re setting up to remove any trace of HD-DVD from their shelves from March and go all out in their support of Sony’s format. 

It sounds like the only HD spinner left fighting will be Tosh’s; and he’ll be hiding out in their online store.

The move comes after Blu-Ray outsold its rival in Woolies by a massive 10 to 1 over Christmas.  The retailer is now the biggest seller of the format in the UK, with sales rising a massive 40% every month………and there was me thinking that they were only good for cheap Easter Eggs and mugs!

All 820 Woolworths stores here in the UK will get a Blu-Ray chart, as well as a back catalogue section.

I think that this shows that more and more punters are going for future-proof Blu-Ray players in the form of the PS3 and it’s starting to look like that we could have a winner in the HD wars.  I know that you’re probably thinking “yeah, but it’s only Woolies…” but this could really be a turning point here in the UK.