WonderWoof BowTie doggy wearable tech launches at Harrods

Woof FashionThe WonderWoof BowTie could well be the first fashion forward activity-monitoring device for dogs. This stylish piece of canine connectivity hits shelves in the UK in mid-November in an exclusive deal with Harrods.

The BowTie device attaches to any dog collar and then wirelessly pairs with the WonderWoof iPhone app, calculating the amount of exercise your pup needs while giving you incentives to help them meet their goals.

With WonderWoof, pet owners can better monitor, train, and socialise their favourite four-legged friends as well as staying connected whilst away.

BowTie gold Harrods specialAs an extra special treat for pampered pooches, WonderWoof has partnered with Harrods to offer a limited edition gold-plated WonderWoof BowTie (£250). The full range of doggy-style gadgetry will be in the stores’ Technology department from mid-November until Christmas.

WonderWoof founder Betsy Fore says:

I invented WonderWoof for my fur-baby, Whisky, and since using the device he has lost weight and maintained a healthy regime which can extend his life by up to 2 years.”

She goes on to state:

52% of dogs in the UK are overweight which results in poor health and decreased life expectancy. By tracking our dog’s health through WonderWoof we can help them to enjoy longer, happier lives.”

The device hits shelves after two years in the making and is notable for features that include medical, grooming and playdate reminders, sharable maps of dog walks, daily, weekly, and monthly activity reporting and analysis, and much more.

WonderWoof teal BowTieDog lovers can purchase WonderWoof online now at wonderwoof.com or at Harrods (which will stock the full range and the exclusive gold-plated BowTie from mid-November).

Available in six different colours – Dogquamarine Blue, Bad to the Bone Orange, Candy Canine Pink, Puppy Purple, Hounds Grey and BoneTie Black – and costs £119 each, the BowTie is designed to be as stylish as it is functional, monitoring your dog’s daily activity based on their size, breed, and age to ensure they stay fit, healthy and happy.

The free WonderWoof app is available on the app store – http://bit.ly/1ooxQuH